Meet Bobbie Lee Kizer, An Actress from Atlanta who won’t Back Down

Bobbie Lee Kizer moved from South Carolina, away from her whole family to pursue her career in the movie industry.

By Nicholson Feldman

September 30, 2019

Atlanta, GA - Gunshots rain down from a mahogany cabin’s roof. Smoke from a gun allows streams of early morning sunshine to paint the oddly thick air within. Silence envelopes the room, while the smells of burnt wood and ash fill the scene. A single girl lay flat on the floor, blood draining from her torso. Time stands still for a moment, but then a man's voice hollars out, “CUT!” leading the girl to stand and continue back to one.

Everybody runs back to their starting positions. The cameraman fiddles with a camera, the sound guy rolls back his take. Everybody seems satisfied with their work, and the man who called out cut says, “That’s a wrap, everybody.” The room empties, leaving the girl from before, Bobbie, alone in the room.

Bobbie Lee Kizer is an Atlanta Actress from South Carolina. She began her journey in early 2017 by traveling back and forth from her home in South Carolina to Atlanta on the weekends to take acting classes. “I loved it so much that I just stayed and never went back to South Carolina,” she says. “My main passion is acting. I do have other passions but they're all means to an end for acting.”

Bobbie started by taking classes in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, and focusing on method acting. She took a background role in a web series, and extra roles hee in there to get work in. A college dropout, she works in a restaurant called Seasons52 to support herself and pay rent while she chases her dreams. She works alongside a couple more filmmakers, actors, and writers also trying to make it, one of which named Ross McWaters.

Ross and Bobbie have collaborated on a couple projects and have been working on an upcoming film that is in pre-production. “Bobbie has that intangible thing that some artists have, that willingness to succeed and prevail. When I watch her work, it’s like she becomes somebody else,” Ross says.

The two are working on a series of films to push their work into the open view and help other artists as well.

Her talent has not gone unnoticed, however. Earlier this year, she was brought on as an Actress for two larger projects, as well as a play, within the city. The play was at the Vineyard Café and Dinner Theatre, where she had a starring role, while the other parts were supporting roles in separate films, listed to be released next year.

“Acting [has] taught me a lot. I'm proud of my projects but I'm most proud of what they have taught me. They've all forced me to grow. Acting has forced me to grow in many different ways. It has helped me learn more about myself, helped me want to learn more about others because acting is the purest form of empathy. So it's helped me become more empathetic.” Bobbie says.

But as with all career choices, Bobbie has to face a great deal of challenges as well. She feels most challenged by emotional scenes for things that she has never experienced before. “I had a scene where I had to play a diabetic girl, and I'm not diabetic. I had to have a diabetic attack, and so that was challenging in a good way. It took a lot of research because you want to be honest, and it was hard, but it taught me a lot about what diabetics go through,” she says. “I didn't realize how scary it was, especially for these little kids. They have to go through a lot. They can't go jump on the trampoline. They have to take precautions before that. They can't just eat some crackers if they want. They have to take precautions.”

Bobbie is continuing along her career in the emotional art of acting, though, and her work can be found on her website, as well as on her IMDb. Be sure to keep an eye out for her in a couple films coming out next year, and scout out some local theatres that she may be performing in.

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