Filmmaker . Director


I'm Nicho.

A Director, a Director of Photography, a Photographer.

I work on both digital and celluloid formats to create visually stunning imagery and avant-garde art.

The formats that I shoot in are as follows:

-Large Format (4x5)

-Medium Format (645. 680)

-35mm (Standard, 3D and Half Frames)

-16mm (Motion Picture)

-Digital (Video and Photo)

My favourite films to shoot on for still photography are Ilford HP5,

Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Ektachrome 100, Fuji Pro400H (discontinued, sadly),

and for motion picture, Kodak Vision 3 50D and 500T.

My gear ranges from the newest digital equipment to periscope lenses from 1752 and camera bodies from 1946. It is safe to say I can do almost

anything you ask of me.

I've shot weddings, rehearsals, portraits, fine art, real estate, 100th birthdays and more, even my own selfies (it's hard to make me look pretty).

I am always up to conversation, mentorship, new clients, and giving life advice if it pertains to film and photography, so please, my friends, reach out.